Hydrogeology, groundwater modelling and related geoscience online resources

Training and educational videos:

- Interesting series of groundwater lectures from NCGRT including talks from John Doherty, Ty Ferré and József Tóth (link).

- Interviews with eminent hydrogeologists including John Cherry, Allan Freeze, Shlomo Neuman and József Tóth, The Hydrogeologist Time Capsule (link). 

- PEST educational videos prepared by John Doherty for kataclima (link).

- Compendium of online videos for teaching hydrology, Watershed Hydrology Lab from Virginia Tech (link).

- (Spanish) Analytical solutions to the groundwater flow and transport equations using Excel from Carlos Molano (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia) (link). 

- El Agua Subterránea o Invisible, Fundación Fomento y Gestión del Agua - TVE (link).

- Ore deposits 101, Andrew Jackson (link).

Free tutorials and online courses:

- Official AQTESOLV tutorials with demo license (link).

- Official FloPy tutorials (link).

- Official GMS tutorials with demo license, Aquaveo (link).

- Official GoldSim online course with training license (link).

- Official Hydrus-1D tutorials with free 1D license (link).

- Official MIKE SHE tutorials with demo license, DHI (link).

- Python introductory course from Microsoft through edX (link).

- Phreeqc model examples, available through Hydrochemistry.eu (link).

- Optimization in Groundwater Engineering, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, Professor Jonghyun Lee (link).

- Official WEAP tutorials (link).

- Official PEST tutorial (link).

Groundwater modelling guidelines:

- Australian Groundwater Modelling Guidelines, available through www.groundwater.com.au (link).

- Guía para el uso de modelos de aguas subterráneas en Chile (SEA, 2012) (link).

- Guidelines for Evaluating Ground-Water Flow Models (USGS, 2004) (link).

- Guidelines for Groundwater Modelling to Assess Impacts of Proposed Natural Resource Development Activities, British Columbia Ministry of Environment (link).

- Uncertainty analysis - Guidance for groundwater modelling within a risk management framework, IESC Australia (link).

Free online books and publications:

- Analysis and Evaluation of Pumping Test Data (Kruseman and de Ridder, 2000), available through Hydrogeology.nl (link).

- Free hydrogeology related books, available through The Groundwater Project (link).

- Groundwater (Freeze and Cherry, 1979), available through IGRAC (link).

- Latest hydrogeology publications in Nature (link).

- Latest hydrogeology publications in Hydrogeology Journal (link).

- Statistical methods in water resources (USGS, 2020) (link). 

- The physical properties of major aquifers in England and Wales (BGS, 1997), available through NERC (link).

- The physical properties of minor aquifers in England and Wales (BGS, 2000), available through NERC (link).

- Various relevant references for hydraulic property values from the AQTESOLV website (link).

MSc, postgraduate and training courses:

- MSc in Hydrogeology at the University of Birmingham, UK (link).

- MSc in Hydrology and Water Resources Management at the Imperial College London, UK (link).

- MSc in Applied Computational Science and Engineering at the Imperial College London, UK (link).

- Various hydrogeology related postgraduate courses from FCIHS, some of them part of the Master in Groundwater Hydrology from the Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Spain (link).

- Diplomado Hidrogeología Aplicada a la Minería y Medio Ambiente, Universidad de Chile (link).

- Diplomado Modelación Hidrológica de Cuencas, Universidad de Chile (link).

- Upcoming training courses from IHE Delft (link).

- Upcoming international training courses listed on the IAH website (link).

- Upcoming free webinars from DHI (link).

- Various official online modelling courses for Groundwater Vistas from ESI (link).

Blogs related to hydrogeology, hydrology and geosciences in general:

- Python for Geosciences from Guillaume Attard. Interesting blog with scientific articles that include analytical solutions in the field of geoscience implemented using Python (link).

- Subsurface from George Kourakos. Interesting website with several codes and software developments related to groundwater modelling (link).

Hydrology, hydrogeology and water resources jobs, PhD programs and postdoc positions:

- Hydrogeology and hydrology jobs, MSc, PhD and postdoc positions through Earthwork-jobs.com (link).

- Hydrogeology, hydrology and water resources jobs through Josh's Water Jobs (link).